Storeopinion.CA Survey

We all enjoy receiving gifts and giveaways, right? 

That’s why most of us participate in online contests arranged by renowned companies that give us a chance to win prizes and gifts.  One such amazing platform is the Loblaw store. It is famous for its affordable good food, beauty, and wellness accessible. 

The best part? It provides its customers a chance to win gifts of thousands of rupees in contests. Customers can participate in these monthly lucky draw contests by leaving feedback about Loblaw stores on the StoreOpinion.CA platform. 

Let us guide you about Storeopinion.CA – Loblaws Customer Survey so you can participate, win giveaways, and thank us later! 

Storeopinion-CA Survey

What Is Storeopinion.CA Survey?

Storeopinion.CA is an online platform that lets the customers of big super stores like Loblaws, Maxi, and No Frills leave feedback about these stores online at the website of storeopinion. Customers share their views about the products of these stores, their interaction with their staff, and their experiences with the services they offer.

These big companies value client feedback so that they can enhance their offerings. Also, these companies announce rewards for clients participating in these surveys to entice them to provide feedback. These surveys assist these companies in increasing their sales, which is advantageous for both the companies and the customers.

You can participate in the Storeopinion.CA Loblaws survey to enter the monthly lucky draw competitions. You have a chance to win one million (1,000,000) PC Optimum Points by taking part in the contest. Only Canadians are eligible to take the survey.

StoreOpinion CA Sweepstakes Rules & Requirements

You can enter the contest quickly and be eligible to win gifts and prizes by following these simple rules. You have the option of taking the survey online or over the phone.

So let’s review the guidelines; hence you don’t make any mistakes while filling-up the survey form. 

Rules of StoreOpinion CA

  1. Since only Canadians are eligible to participate, the participant must be a Canadian resident to fill out the survey.
  1. The participant should be of legal age, 18 or above. 
  1. No one affiliated with Loblaws in any way, including employees and sponsors, is qualified to enter the giveaway.
  1. No purchases from the store are necessary.
  1. Participants shouldn’t be in the region where the competition is prohibited.
  1. You can participate in one survey per purchase.
  1. The price is not transferable to another party and must be accepted as they are offered.
  1. No entries made on behalf of a third party will be accepted.
  1. To be eligible for the giveaway, you must finish the surveys.
  1. You cannot exchange the prize for cash.
  1. The participant is responsible for all the charges.
  1. Before the conclusion of the monthly draw, you must be a registered PC optimum member to be eligible for the points prize.

Requirements of StoreOpinion.CA

  1. A participant should be a recipient from the Loblaw store.
  1. Should know basic English or french
  1. You should have a valid email address. 
  1. You should have stable internet access and mobile, computer, or tablet device.

Storeopinion.CA Rewards

Storeopinion.CA offers rewards of tens of thousands of dollars. The platform is advantageous to both businesses and customers. 

Let us explain what Storeopinion.Ca offers in more detail so you can participate in the upcoming competition.

Participants stand a chance to win.

A grand prize of $5,000 drawn monthly and One million PC optimum points worth ARV $1000. These are points you can redeem to buy groceries at participating stores.

Monthly Prize ARV $6000

It’s important to remember that a million PC optimal points are about equal to $1,000. You may only spend these awards at shops that are prepared to take them, and they have no cash value.

Steps To Do Storeopinion.CA Survey

Participating in the survey is easy, and you can do it more easily if you carefully read the steps we have mentioned below.

It will be a cakewalk if you read the steps and follow the instructions properly.

  1. Open and click enter. 
  1. Choose language
  1. A screen appears requesting you to enter your survey code. The code is 19–21-digit, which appears on your checkout receipt.
  1. You’ll get a list of all the stores participating in the survey. Choose the store where your receipt was issued. And click Next.
  1. Select the participating store’s province, then type in the city, address, and location. Select next.
  1. Fill in the time and date that are specified on your recipient. 
  1. Now confirm your age.
  1. You will now land on a page where you must provide feedback regarding your experience with the store.
  1. Review the services and your interactions with the management and staff honestly.
  1. Depending on your own experiences, choose either the very satisfied or highly dissatisfied option.
  1. Accept the terms and conditions to participate in the survey.
  1. Enter your name, number, and email address
  1. Finally, it’s time to submit your survey.

Note: Provide an accurate email address and phone number as they will contact you through email or your phone number.

You can enter to win gifts and prizes by sharing your thoughts and feedback with the company at 

Let them know where they can make improvements and how you feel about their services.

Can I participate in the contest if I live in Canada but am not a resident of Canada?

Unfortunately, to take the survey, you must be a Canadian citizen. You are ineligible for the survey and contest if you reside in Canada but do not hold Canadian citizenship.

When are the winners announced after filling up the survey?

The winners are typically announced in around two weeks. Be patient and wait; you will get notified after two weeks if you win any prize.