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What is is the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for a service that links the general public and those serving prison terms to keep in touch. Users are able to communicate from both ends by signing up for the CorrLinks mail. Correctional facilities limit access to the outside world and inmates are allowed the liberty to contact people using services like Corrlinks and Jpay.

CorrLinks opens up for interactions to help incarcerated persons to maintain contact with people who are open to communicating with them and at their choice.

How to Login to Corrlinks

Prisoners get relief by contacting relatives and friends and keeping in touch with the happenings beyond the prison gate, courtesy of Corrlinks mail.

How to Login to Corrlinks?

It’s easy to log in to the CorrLinks mail, here’s the link to the page.  As a matter of caution, ensure to use the exact URL to avoid falling prey to phishing scammers. You‘re required to fill in two fields: the email username and the password, then click on the login button. You can also find more about Corrlinks login on this page.

Is CorrLinks for free or paid for?

Corrlinks is free for users and inmates who send as well as receive emails within the federal Bureau of prisons. However, the correctional facilities do charge the inmates and the outsiders to use the platform.

Other features of CorrLinks mail:

  • As a user, you require to use the inmate’s number as a unique identifier while adding them as contacts.  The number is verified via a code that is emailed to you. Your communication is limited to inmates whom you’ve added and they can receive your messages and reply to them.
  • Corrlinks also allows users to use the video linkage to speak directly with those in your contact list.
  • In case you are away from your computer or laptop, the CorrLinks app facilitates you to access the same experience with your mobile gadgets running on Android OS.
  • Corrlinks is flexible in allowing and blocking inmates from reaching out to you, at your volition. However, once you lock out an inmate from accessing you, you’d be required to reach out to their agency to re-allow them access you.

New Users

New users are required to sign up for Corrlinks e-mail. Here is the link to the page where you can sign up. The procedure requires your first and last names, an email address plus a password. There’s a simple trivia to help verify your identity as an ordinary human being. To complete the sign-up process, you have to approve the verification linked from the email you provided.

Passwords For CorrLinks Mail

It is recommended to maintain passwords that are complex, yet easy for you to recall. However, in cases when you forget it, you have to follow the – forgot password link to have it reset. Once you activate the forget password; the link is activated, a reset link is dropped in the email address you provided.

Ensure to reset the password within a day, else the link is automatically deactivated.

Access/blocking of Inmates

While logged into the email, you have the option to add an inmate or block them from communicating with you. In case you want to resume interacting with a blocked inmate, you just write to the agency to seek approval of the request. Upon approval of the request, unblock them and access is resumed when the inmate accepts your request.

The CorrLinks Help Desk

Users can contact the help desk via tickets filed by a form in the system. No phone contact is provided and the issue is described more elaborately in the forms. Here’s the link for the tickets.

Highlights on the CorrLinks Terms of Service

CorrLinks and ATG only limit their service to deliver messages to the agencies responsible for the inmates and does not intervene beyond that. The scope varies with the discretion of the correctional facility and varies from email messaging, conveying of gifts from family plus friends with authority to use the CorrLinks system.

When credit cards are rejected, disputes are filed with a non-refundable fee of $ 25. Therefore, refunds are done, less the filing fee.

Any parcels purchased in favor of an inmate may be rejected at the discretion of the facility under which the inmate is under custody. Senders should pay attention before pressing send buttons; since the packages are non-returnable and non-refundable by Corrlinks or the ATG Company.

Responsible members of staff are allowed to monitor and review messages besides the agencies that are custodian to the inmates.

Parting Note

A Corrlinks email allows interaction with inmates with authorized persons outside their correctional facilities. Besides email messaging and gifts, you may speak to them via video conference linkages. The access to the services varies with the institutions and users should be keen not to send parcels where they are prohibited. For into detail understanding, it’s better to read through the Terms of Services that are underscored by ATG- the company that runs CorrLinks Mail services.